An equal priority is given to sports along with academics. Our Campus encompasses myriad facilities for sports activities which will furnish the students to acquire confidence, active life style & excellence in team work. Our physical education programme provides structured physical activities for students from pre-school through grade 8.


Dance is definitely the best outlet and an art form for creative expression. In GPS, different dance forms are taught and they double up to teach the students skills and lessons of life other than polishing their dancing prowess. They acquire flexibility of body and mind, concentration, fellow camaraderie and very importantly they learn that in life as well as in dance ‘sometimes you lead and sometimes you need to follow’.


“After Silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. Music is everybody’s possession…”

-John Lennon

Music actually improves communication and brings about integration between the right and left sides of the brain, leading the way to better comprehension and memorization skills. In GPS , the universal language of music is taught through instrumental and vocal music classes which form a staple part of the syllabus as well as an integral part of the school programmes. In the school, trained music teachers teach valuable lessons of reverence to God, love, brotherhood, unity, harmony and patriotism through a repository of soulful and uplifting songs.

We believe that the children are natural, instinctive music makers. When we expose children to music through singing and playing instruments, they become more proficient,develop musical skills and keener appreciation of finer nuances of music. While participating in music activities, children also show accelerated physical, language, social-emotional, and cognitive development.


Exercises and postures that benefit different parts of the body are demonstrated and performed. Asanas are graded according to the age and experience of the student.


Helping the students to  improve their results and improve the prospects of their lives is a passion of ours. We know that through Karate children are able to not only achieve a massive improvement in their grades but also, it helps them in their life in the following areas;

  1. Self Esteem and Confidence
  2. Focus and Self Discipline
  3. Physical and Mental Strength
  4. Emotional Stress and Health
  5. Honesty, Self awareness and Respect
  6. Self defence

The accumulated teachings and benefits from Karate can help pupils in all areas of their lives. We see a remarkable improvement in them as they grow from week to week into very confident young adults and valuable members of society, empowering children to achieve everything they dream of becoming.


Experience is the best teacher – and learning to take care of oneself , and one’s own belongings independently, without parental supervision , helps the children to become self sufficient. They learn to live together, adjust and enjoy themselves with their friends responsibly. Hence the school regularly organizes educational tours to various places, where the children accompanied by the teachers go to learn more, about the history, physical features etc. of the place of their visit, attend various workshops and in general live independently and self sufficiently.


As the children grow, their roles, responsibilities, aspirations and environmental context changes. This brings about the need for developing new insights in life skills.


  1. To help the child understand that joy of living is a result of holistic development of personality.
  2. To encourage the child to initiate steps that will help him become healthy at the physical, mental and spiritual level.