We have a well-stacked library and a good number of journals and periodicals are subscribed for the benefit of the students and staff. The Reference Section has a variety of standard encyclopaedias, dictionaries and standard reference books on almost all topics at the school level.

Well-qualified librarians and assistants, are always available to render any help to the users of the library. The library is computerized and equipped with a Photocopier for taking copies of any relevant article from the reference section of the library. A leased line internet connection is operational in the school library and students are allowed to use this facility on any day.

The library is enriched every year and replenished with new volumes of books, magazines, journals, periodicals and latest reference materials to keep in pace with the rest of the world.


Our state-of-the-art laboratories are well equipped with scientific and modern equipment and facilities for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. Our laboratories are designed in a way to inculcate inquisitiveness among the students to research and innovate.

Smart Interactive Digital Class Room

Smart class is a comprehensive solution designed to help teachers meet their day to day classroom challenges and enhance student’s academic performance with simple, practical & meaningful use of technology.

  • Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity
  • Brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life
  • Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students
  • Improves academic performance of students
  • Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class


The way to school and back home is a favourite ride for every child. With this in mind, we have the safest security features in place for all the buses. The School Buses ply at specified routes available to all the places with a nominal fee. Experienced crew of school transport ensure safety and security of students while on wheels.