Infrastructure is essential to progress faster


Githanjali Public School provides a positive green environment which allows students and teachers to feel emotionally and physically safe.


GPS is not just a school, it is a family. Every child is unique in his/her ways and can possess unique qualities, different talents, and skills, different mindsets or behavior, and personalities. Every child is valued and their worth is appreciated. Every child’s birthday is celebrated with a special song at the school assembly  and students are presented with a book .The atmosphere  is homely and loving. The staff and management genuinely care for the children ‘s  physical, mental, emotional and social health.


The need for a counsellor became very obvious when we realized the students of all standards have personal problems to deal with and require proper guidance from a highly qualified, experienced person. Our school counsellor is a neutral person, the students speak frankly with  her about whatever issues they are having, whether academic, interpersonal, personal, family, societal, etc. knowing that she will give them good, unbiased suggestions and advice.


The school is proud of a spacious very well – stalked library with close to 10000 titles on a wide range of subjects- fiction, non- fiction, biographies, short stories, poems, general knowledge and subject specific reference books- to cater to the needs of young and hungry minds. 


Open-self library cum resource centre designed to encourage students to develop an interest in a variety of subjects, and to allow them the facility of research and in depth study. There are ample number of computers with printing and internet facilities.


GPS has a multi-purpose hall to host functions, conduct competitions, guest lectures  and show movies and this hall is decorated by students and staff whenever there is a festival.


All our classrooms are smart classrooms equipped with  Interactive digital board, speakers.  Learning inside the classroom takes through the smart board that consists of a large amount of digital content.


Art room is the place where children can express their aesthetic values, relax and build their confidence. Art & Craft education inculcates a sense of satisfaction that emerges to create new vision.  Art & Craft room with the guidance of expert teachers.


Music room is also equipped with a projector that facilitates the screening of song lyrics when vocal training sessions are in progress. Well qualified music teacher guides students in their musical pursuits.


Well designed and equipped laboratories to facilitate  a range of interesting experiments and learning tools. School has separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science and Language lab. The school makes extensive use of audio-visual ICT – enabled teaching aids.


Children play, explore and learn. Our number one priority is to strengthen each child’s confidence and expand their understanding of the world. We build a foundation of skills that ensures every child thrives personally, socially and academically. Every classroom has a creative corner where children present their creations.


Our school provides an environment where children can experience real sports. We have a basketball court, football ground, kho-kho field, volleyball and throwball courts. We encourage our students to take part in various competitions viz; inter – house, inter-school, district etc…


For complete physical and mental development of the students we have spacious facilities for indoor games such as Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Ludo, Puzzle, card games and board games.


Yoga is practiced as our ancient Indian Tradition that touches mind, body and soul. Yoga teaches you the finer qualities such as alertness, concentration and patience. Yoga prepares one to face life with ease and confidence. At GPS students practice yoga and meditation daily. Surya Namaskar and asanas are practised under the guidance of a trained instructor.


The institution has its own pick and drop facility for the students. School buses are equipped with GPS and Cameras. Children are always escorted with Nanny throughout their journey. For Transport Queries please contact: 7845773130