Githanjali With Shanti Ashram

Githanjali  Public School has been associated with Shanti Ashram (NGO) providing organizational support to alleviate poverty, create leaders and promote sustainable development. Students of GPS have upheld the spirit of charity by regularly participating in Shanti Ashram’s community services . Students contribution include cereals, pulses.,grains, oil, groceries, vegetables, toiletries etc.,



“Dialogue with boys” was a program conducted by Shanti Ashram, Coimbatore for Githanjali Public School boys on Tuesday  1st of August 2023. The purpose of the program was to build awareness on violence and on certain critical and useful topics such as good nutritional practices, changes encountered by boys during their adolescent age etc.

Dr Subhadra Iyenger ( coordinator, Public Health Desk, ICPH )  addressed the gathering by shedding light on Shanti Ashram and their activities and services.

 Mr G. Vijayaragavan (Head of the Youth Leadership Program, Shanti Ashram) conducted a panel discussion with the students on the topic of violence. They were also asked how to deal with violence in different situations and circumstances. The discussion was absolutely informative. Post Subsequently, Dr Jayshree Ashwathi (senior paediatrician from the Indian Academy of Pediatrics)  delivered a wonderful session educating all the boys on what changes they are going to witness during their adolescent years. Boys were also taught about the importance of nutrition which acts as brain food. The whole “Dialogue with Boys” program ended with  certificate distribution  to  6 students who participated in the panel discussion


Nurturing care framework for early childhood development

The present generation of adolescents is growing up with a combined age of opportunities and challenges. To overcome these challenges and to face the world with courage the school have organized practical-oriented 10 online courses for students grades 8 to 12. The following courses are conducted by  Shanthi Ashram, Coimbatore by expert doctors under the guidance of ICPH Children’s Academy over the period of 6 months.

Courses are as follows:

  1. Managing stress, Improving decision making and ensuring mental well-being among adolescents.
  2. Sessions on emotional well-being.
  3. Session on Self-esteem.
  4. Nutrition literacy for better health: What does the food platter approach teach us?
  5. Health and hygiene practices during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
  6. Ensuring immunization and critical preventive health interventions amongst vulnerable adolescents.
  7. Awareness session ensuring eye care and hygiene during Covid 19 and beyond.
  8. Practice-oriented course on nurturing an ecosystem for independence and spontaneous self-discipline in children.
  9. Session on self-care.
  10. Interactive session on non-violent practices and child rights.
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