Good and bad touch awareness

Awareness about good touch and bad touch
In today’s times, we hear a lot about child abuse and molestation. It ’s high time, we start teaching young children about “Good Touch Bad Touch” to help prevent more damage. Most of the time, targets are very young children, below 6-7 years of age. They are too young to understand the difference between right and wrong. It is still a sensitive topic for parents to talk to their children, so most of them do not want to go there. But, the fact remains that it is very important for the betterment of our young children that they know about all this and can deal with it if they ever come across a situation like this. What is good touch bad touch? Our school conducted an awareness programme on 19/4/2023(WEDNESDAY) for kindergartners and primary students on the topic good touch and bad touch to create awareness to stay smart and safe .The goal here is to inform the children about the dangers, without causing any anxiety. Students were also made to work out a worksheet .
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